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MEDIA ARCHIVES records, publishes, markets and distributes a variety of products and services. Our mission is to provide fascinating and educational DVDs, CDs, books and mutlimedia products to help inform, enlighten and inspire humanity at large. We are also involved in document research, video production, e-books, DVD authoring, podcasting, broadcasting, screenwriting, conference promotion, online services, amongst many other creative endeavors.

The link above contains our latest catalog, but please EMAIL US your name and address and we will mail you a printed version when they are available.

We want to thank you for your interest, and look forward to receiving your order. We accept checks, money orders and VISA and MASTERCARD. For more information call us at 1 (800) 952-5678, or visit our website at, or you can EMAIL US .

A world of technology awaits you.

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BEST OF MEDIA ARCHIVES (TECHNOLOGY SELECTION). Including Peter Norvig (Google), Will Wright (Electronic Arts/The Sims), Shai Agassi (SAP), Ray Kurzweil, Cory Ondrejka, Steve Jurvetson, et al. 7 DVD Disks • Normally $134.95 • Now $99.95

BEST OF MEDIA ARCHIVES (SPACE SCIENCE SELECTION). Including Burt Rutan, Peter Diamandis, Craig Steidle, Space Tourism Panel, Chris Shank, Robert Zubrin, et. al. 7 DVD Disks • Normally $124.95 • Now $99.95

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To place your order load one of the individual pages and use the PayPal shopping cart or pay for individual items and add $4.00 shipping and handling for the first item and $1.00 for each additional item, audios add $0.50 for each additional. Call or EMAIL US at MEDIARCHIVES (AT) YAHOO.COM for more information on shipping, payment options or questions about an order. Facsimile Orders 1 (561) 431-3115. For more information visit WWW.MEDIAARCHIVES.COM or to order by credit card call 1 (800) 952-5678.
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We've recorded the following conferences: Acceleration Studies Foundation, Accelerating Change 2004 Conference (29 Disks), Accelerating Change 2005 Confrence (19 Disks), The National Space Society's 24th International Space Development 2005 Conference (54 disks), The Space Frontier Foundation 2005 Conference (16 Disks), The Space Frontier Foundation Lundar Development 2005 Return to the Moon Conference (12 disks), the Mars Society 2005 Convention (53 disks).

We carry Audio, CD, Video, DVD, Podcasts, Multimedia and other products on Accelerating Change, Humanity Interfaces, Space Science, Mars Habitation, Lunar Dvelopment, Space Development, the Singularity and so much more.

Presenters include John Smart, Vernor Vinge, Ray Kurzweil, Patrick Lincoln, Peter Norvig, Ph.D., Neil Jacobstein, Bruno Olshausen, Marcos Guillen, Peter Barrett, Scott Rafer, Harold Morowitz, David Fogel, Esther, Robert Hecht-Nielson, John Udell, Terry Winograd, Sibley Verbeck, Ron Kaplan, Marti Hearst, Joichi Ito, Janna Anderson, Cory Ondrejka, Jamais Cascio, Tom Malone, Dileep George, Daniel Amen, M.D., Ruzena Bajcszy, Robin Raskin, Shun-Jie Ji, Sr. Denise, T. Colin Campbell, Philip Rosedale, David Smith, Beth Noveck, Steve Jurvetson, Blake Ross, George Glider, Rudy Rucker, Alex Lightman, Helen Greiner, Shai Agassi, David Brin, Jim Spohrer, Gee Rittenhouse, Bruce Hall, Dana Blankenhorn, Joachim Schaper, Andreas Olligschlaeger, Cynthia Breazeale, Steve Jurvetson, Christine Peterson, David Brin, Brad Templeton, Steve Jurvetson, Gordon Bell, Clark Aldrich, Dan Gillmor, Milton Chen, Jeremy Bailenson, Dewayne Hendricks, Nova Barlow, Robin Harper, Jerry Paffendorf, Will Wright, Jamie Hale, Steve Salyer, Brian Green, Daniel James, Doug Engelbart, Keith Halper, Richard Marks, Peter Thiel, John Mauldin, Peter Norvig, B.J. Fogg, Tim Sibley, Wlodek Zadrozny, Rich Skrenta, Lada Adamic, Peter Kaminski, Zack Rosen, Jaron Lanier • Robert Zubrin, Ph.D., William Farrand, Scott Horowitz, Ph.D., Gerry Williams, Robert Cataldo, Stanley K. Borowski, Ph.D., Chris McKay, Ph.D., Larry Kuznetz, Bill Clancey, Chris Shank, Jeroen Lapre’, Jerry Stone, Peter Smith, Penny Boston, Sam Booth, Robert Dyck, Mark Berggren, Robert Terry, N. Farnsworth, D. Allred, Allison Skelley, Kent Nebergall, Stacy Carrera, Kevin Frazier, Chris Vancil, James Waldie, Paul Webb, J. Dowding, K. Clark, Irene Schneider, B. Webbon, J. McGowan, Eric Boethin, J. Brandenburg, Tony Muscatello, Emily Bostwick, R. J. Pfammatter, James French, Ned Chapin, H. Gregory, Bruce Mackenzie, Joseph Palaia, Georgi Petrov, D. Ellender, Jerry Stone, Gus Frederick, B. Enke, T. Hill, Ron Bennett, L. Bromberg, J. Lagarde, M. Zubrin, Ron Bennett, K. Sloan, L. Weisbach, David Livingston, Brian Enke, Richard Thieltges, William Hulsey III, Declan O’Donnell, B. Erickson, G. Fisher, John Geoghegan, Brad Jarvis, D. Schuman, Veronica Zabala-Aliberto, Mark Lupisella, D. O’Donnell, Wayne White, Carl Mitcham, Angelo Grubisic, Brian Hanley, Erik Clacey, P. Todd, D. Thomas, Homer Tilton, Tam Czarnik, James Schoenfelder, Richard Sylvan, Percival McCormack, Chris, Heather Rose, Kevin Sloan, Rev. James Heiser, Bryan Erickson, Kurt Chankaya, Bryan Erickson, Tony Muscatello, Shannon Rupert, E. Martinez, A. Pacros, E. Colvin, Gus Frederick, Jennifer Heldman, Paul Graham, H. Gregory, Ron Dyer, Hüseyin Sarper • Rick Tumlinson, Henry Vanderbilt, Chuck Lauer, Jared Smith, Jim Muncy, Jeff Greason, Walt Anderson, Guillermo Sohnlein, John Spencer, John Carmack, Vladimir Syromiatnikov, John Powell, Dennis Wingo, David Anderman, Bill Boland, J. Spencer, Dr. Bill Gaubatz, Pascal Lee, Ph.D., Joe Landon, J.R. Horsting, Andre Bormanis, Elaine Walker, Jim Voss, Debra Lepore, Chuck Lauer, Jeff Belanger, Bruce Pitman, Dallas Bienhoff, Charles Miller, Brant Sponberg, James Hopkins, Dennis Wingo, Ken Stratton, Michael Wargo, Larry Taylor, Wendell Mendell, Paul Eckert, David Gump, Hugh Arif,. David Livingston, Michael Mealling, Tim Huddleston, Jim Muncy, Marc Schlather, George Whitesides, Lon Rains, Charles Miller, Rex Ridenoure, Bob Richards, Robert Goehlich, Berin Szoka, Rosanna Sattler, Jim Dunstan, Wayne White, Chris Shank, Brant Sponberg, Brett Alexander, Paul Eckert • Burt Rutan, Konrad K. Dannenberg, Rear Adm. Craig E. Steidle, USN (Ret.), Brian Chase, The Hon. Robert S. Walker is Chairman, Gen. Robert Dickman, USAF (Ret), Brett Alexander, Robert Zubrin, Ph.D., Armand Musey, Lon Levin, Jim Maser, Eric Anderson, David Gump, John Logsdon, Ph.D., Frederic Nordlund, Mengxin Sun, Graham Gibbs, Kiwao Shibukawa, Yevgeny K. Zvedre, Brig. Gen. Simon "Pete" Worden (USAF, Ret.), Rusty Schweickart, Brian Marsden, Ph.D., Lindley Johnson, James B. Garvin, Ph.D., Howard Ross, Ph.d, Paul Spudis, Ph. D., Rick Tumlinson, Mike Duke, Ph.D., Steve Durst, Keith Cowing, Frank Sietzen, Jim Schier, Paul J. Werbos, Bennet Hart, Gary Barnhard, Brant Sponberg, Peter Diamandis, Ph.D., Ben Shelef, Brad Edwards, Ph.D., Scott Mize, Ben Shelef, Jordin Kare, Mark Jannot, Will Whitehorn, Stephen Attenborough, Steven Squyres, Ph.D., Robert Mitchell, Ph.D., R. Paul Butler, Ph.D., Lori Garver, George Whitesides, Bruce Betts, Ph.D., Rick Tumlinson, Joshua Neubert, John Karas, Elon Musk, James Voss, Mark Cowen, Joe Gillin, Howard Ross, Ph.D., Ronald C. Merrell, Ph.D., Scott A. Dulchavsky MD, PhD, Saralyn Mark, MD, Andrew A. Monjan, Peter Freer, Joyce L Bach-Bowen, Joseph A. Resnick, Ph.D., Frank Schowengerdt, Ph.D., Petra Harvey, Alissa Kuseske, Adam Kissiah, Benjy Neumann, John D. Kenyon, Janis Eells, Ph.D., Rodney Piercey, Ph.D., Joe Rauscher, Susan Patrick., Dennis Stone, Troy A. Thrash, Robert N. McCullough, Yvonne Penney, Ginger Butcher, Angela Watmore, Carol Welsch, Kathy Tamer, Lynn Cline, Collen Hartman, Stephen Attenborough, Janice Starzyk, Geoffrey Crouch, Rich Pournelle, Thomas L. Matula, Ayo Olugbode, Adeniyi Iyiade, Michael Mealling, Derek Webber, Paul A. Altier, Thomas L. Matula, Michael Bomba, Trygve "Spike" Magelssen, Karl W. Guenther, Robert D. Richards, Chuck Franke, Paul D. Lowman Jr., Dean Cheng, Peggy Finarelli, Ian Pryke, Giny Cheong, Inge Heyer, Robert Zimmerman, Paul Dickson, Margaret A. Weitekamp, Nicholas de Monchaux, Anne Collins Goodyear, Thor Hogan, David S. Mayne, Paul Butler, Robert D. Richards, Thomas Valone, Seth Potter, William W. ("Bill") Gardiner, Robert D. Richards, Tim Pickens, Bruce Betts, Henry W. Brandhorst, Jr., Tom Hill, Dae-Sung Ju, Seth Potter, Alan Ladwig, Eric Anderson, Manuel Pimenta, Edward Wright, Tim Bailey, Tom Rogers, Donald Rapp, Peter Kokh, Pascal Lee, Ph.D., Thomas McCabe, Gary C. Fisher, Gerard J. Holzmann, Ph.D., John F. McGowan, Charles L. Gerlach Sivaprakash, Harshitha.I.Singh, Karin Härenstam, Martin Krajewski, Juho Viitasalo, Peter Ewing, Carol Luckhardt Redfield, Ph.D., Robert D. Richards, Bruce Mackenzie, Joseph Palaia, and many more.

Call 1 (800) 952-5678 or write for our free catalog.

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